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Endure Beaty System Reviews

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  • Endure beauty system

    I had ordered the endure beauty system and I am not happy with the price that was charged to my credit card, which was $200.20. I cannot afford this amount and do not want to receive anymore of this product! The products are Retinol anti-aging serum, Night anti-aging cream and Eye anti-aging cream. CANCEL ANYMORE SHIPMENTS. I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE!!!!!!!! This is what was charged to my credit card - Getendure 844-403-1674 ORDER # 750060 Also this number was on the package 378968 I am going to cancel any further charges from this company! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...
    angrygirl2015's Picture   angrygirl2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Endure and Revlante Skin Cream SCAM SCAM FRAUD SCAM

    I saw an ad for a free trial on Facebook and decided to give it a go. Yes I know, that was my first mistake... They claim to send you a free trial and if you like the product you have 14 days to cancel. When I saw this I called right away to cancel and someone told me that I would never be charged. Little did I know that they already had charged my credit card over $160! I then called after I saw the transaction on my credit card asking why I was charged and apparently "Caleb" said that they had no record of me canceling in the first place. I told him that I didn't even... More...
    rsadhra's Picture   rsadhra    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst company ever!!Example: Sears broken washing machine

    I ordered the "free" trial and did not like the product so therefore did not order any more. But somehow they billed me over 300$ for this product and then billed me again because I did not cancel future shipment which by the way did not even receive! So I called the company and they tell me that they have no return policy. How can I return product I haven't gotten?! So in total I was billed 703$ for product I didn't receive. This company is scamming people! Do not get anything from them. I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who has an interest in the company... More...
    Nettiep73's Picture   Nettiep73    0 Comments   Comments
  • Endure beauty system sample scam

    As a cosmetician I wanted to check out this product and stupidly filled out ad on Facebook for sample of product for cost of shipping. You know what happened .....weeks later product arrives boxed with no paperwork , no indication of charges or anything and weeks after my credit card is billed for not only postage but hundreds of US dollars I called and was told basically I had not read the fine print sufficiently and could neither return 'sample' or get refund. I have now cancelled card just in case cancelling 'account' with this company does not work. Needless... More...
    Beautician247's Picture   Beautician247    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud

    Beware I lost hundreds - Endure Beauty System I had ordered the free trial sample from Endure Beauty System/Revlante and paid the postage. I received the package 3 days after. I cancel everething 10 days after I received the package. I was charged a large amount on my Mastercard-Debit card which totalled about $191.00. I called the and finally reach a person. He says what I got was not a sample but a month supply. This charge is illegal this is a false representation that is forbidden in Canada. He said I missed the 14 day deadline and he can't do anything for me beacause this is 14... More...
  • Automatic Renew Scam from Hell

    This company, without telling me up front how much their products actually cost, sent me samples for the cost of shipping, to then bill me twice after 14 days, in my case over $300 Canadian. They 'forgot' to sufficiently feature the fact that you are billed after 14 days. My package was not even open yet, still is not! This automatic Renew Scam is illegal in Canada, but apparently allowed in the US. This has caused me great financial hardship that I absolutely did not deserve. They refuse for me to return the products. I gather from their manner, that their products aren't... More...
    antoinetteCB's Picture   antoinetteCB    0 Comments   Comments
  • SCAM on auto renew

    I signed up for a free sample of this product. In the fine print ONLY (which is a scam in it's dirtiest form if you ask me!) they said I had to indicate with 14 days of when I ORDERED it that I did not want it any more... Then I received 2 more shipments which costed me close to $200 EACH Canadian! When I called to cancel and asked if I could return the unopened shipment (not even the outer box had been opened because I did not want any more!) the lady said all sales are final.... although I could get up to 50% off all other purchases going forward... When I asked if I could recover... More...
    sarahrgordon's Picture   sarahrgordon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Endure beauty kit free sample

    The same with every reviews/comment/complains here, I too have the same experience with Endure Beauty system. After realizing that I have been scammed i called the company and cancelled my account. An automated answering system seems to know who I am Probably by call display) canceled my account but i can't seem to get to talk to anyone as all the numbers I called are automated and my account had already been cancel. Help me get my money back and help other people from being scammed. More...
    Fely's Picture   Fely    1 Comments   Comments
  • Beware I lost hundreds

    I had ordered the free trial sample from Endure Beauty System/Revlante and paid the postage. The package came quite late and box was in bad shape. It was about twelve days after I ordered it online. I tried it and wasn't that bad but then noticed today that I was charged a large amount on my Mastercard-Debit card which totalled about $350.00. I called the number I received on my shipping email and there is an automated computer where you have to enter your phone number to cancel any orders. It gives you an automated verification number. I call again and finally reach a person. He says... More...
    jj74's Picture   jj74    0 Comments   Comments
  • no smile lines

    I anticipated a free sample as reward for doing a survey for "just the cost of shipping", but my joy faded as soon as I received my credit card bill for a horrendous amount. When I called to enquire about the charge to the card company they said there was also a following charge for this month which had not yet been mailed. There had been no notification that I would be limited to a 14 day trial or that I was entering into a contract. On their website , upon trying to cancel, they said they could not process it, as the session had timed out. Tried the product for several weeks... More...
    Nosmilelines's Picture   Nosmilelines    0 Comments   Comments
  • Endure Beaty System Consumer Complain

    A day ago I received an order from Endure Beauty system. When I placed an order there was an information that it is free. But todays morning I found that you withdraw money from my credit card. So, I would like to cancel my membership in your company. I tried to do that online but nothing happened. That why I wrote you this letter. So, please, do not send me new parcels and don't withdraw my money again! Also I would like to return your beauty kit and receive my money back (192,64 CAD). All products were not opened and a box is in perfect condition too. Please, give me your mailing... More...
    nataza's Picture   nataza    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam Company Marketing

    REVLANTEGLO and ENDUREBEAUTYKIT.COM are scams companies who offer free trial products with only the shipping charges on their Facebook Page. When you get the poduce you will find that you have been scammed out off a significant overcharge for the product that was advertised as free. You will then have a fight on your hands to get past the person who answes the phone. First you will get a line of dribble that you agreeded to all of the terms and conditions when you ordered their free sample. It will quickly go nowhere. If you do not cancell your subscription you will likely get more charges... More...
    bryfre's Picture   bryfre    0 Comments   Comments
  • scam

    I ordered a supposedly free trial sample of revlante/endure (two small products)in November. I received more than what was advertized and immediately sent a query message to the contact site. I did not receive an answer, and the only charge that appeared on my December credit card statement was the small fee & shipping charge, so I assumed everything was OK. Then I received a second identical shipment of eye cream, serum & night cream, which I returned. I cancelled electronically and contacted my credit card only to discover I'd been charged 107.00 for this merchandise I did... More...
  • Revlante scam

    I just found I've been charged $107.oo for a second package of revlante/ endure products I did not order. I ordered the supposedly free trial sample in November and received a box of items instead. I immediately contacted the company vis the customer service message site to query this thinking there must be an error and did not receive a reply. When I checked my credit card statement the small shipping charges only were posted so I didn't panic, but now I have received another identical parcel. I returned it and contacted my credit card company to discover I have indeed been... More...
    wizardette's Picture   wizardette    1 Comments   Comments
  • scam artists

    I came across an online advertisement by Endure Beauty kit.com around two months back in which they claimed to send free samples with only shipping costs. Company asked for credit card info for shipping purposes only. After few weeks I got the samples and I saw two small charges of shipping on my visa bill and trusted the company. In next two months I got two charges of $150 (Canadian $174.48 ) each on my visa card. I had not even opened the samples. When I called my visa company today (Jan. 03rd, 2015) they got me in touch with endurebeautykit.com. I asked for full refund and said that I... More...
    smahajan's Picture   smahajan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Misleading advertising

    Watch for this company and their misleading advertising! I agreed to a sample for a 14 day trial to be shipped for just the cost of shipping ($3.28 CDN). A few weeks later, I received another shipment - I thought in error, but apparently I was signed up for auto shipping and the charge was $172.41 CDN. I did not see anywhere that I was required to cancel within a 14 day period. I obviously missed the fine print! When a third shipment came with a charge of $175.17 Cdn, I was finally able to find a phone number on my credit card statement so I phoned to complain. First the woman told me she... More...
  • A SCAM

    Watch for this company and their misleading advertising! I agreed to a sample for a 14 day trial to be shipped for just the cost of shipping ($3.28 CDN). A few weeks later, I received another shipment - I thought in error, but apparently I was signed up for auto shipping and the charge was $172.41 CDN. I did not see anywhere that I was required to cancel within a 14 day period. I obviously missed the fine print! When a third shipment came with a charge of $175.17 Cdn, I was finally able to find a phone number on my credit card statement so I phoned to complain. First the woman told me she... More...
    Laurieismad's Picture   Laurieismad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Inappropriate charging and advertising

    I purchased a "sample" moisturizer products from Endure Beauty System, which was advertised on my facebook page. I read the fine print and the ad was billed as "trying" a sample product and only paying for the shipping charge, which was $2.95 (I didn't realize it was in US dollars so it was $3 and change Canadian - I live in Toronto). I had only used it for a few days, as I was away on holidays and then noticed a $148 charge on my chequing account, again in US dollars, so it was now $168 Cdn, all because I hadn't told them that I wanted to cancel and I was now... More...
  • misleding customers over a "free trial"

    On July 1, I ordered a "free trial" Endure Beauty System for which I had to pay only 1/2 of its shipping cost. Soon after I received the following email acknowledging the purchase: "Endure Beauty System is on its way! Please review this email for your order details Order Received: 07/01/2014 06:21pm Order Number: XXXXX Billing Details XXXXX Shipping Details XXXXXX Your order will be shipped within 1 business day: Endure Beauty System Shipping Charge: $2.95 Regards, Client Support... More...
    scientist's Picture   scientist    18 Comments   Comments

Endure Beaty System Reviews By Product

Endure Beaty System Comments

madley says: (6 years ago)
Well so much like the many many complaints ive just read about revlante and endure free trial products....only having to pay shipping..haha bullshit! To check my debit credit visa it shows ive paid $115 plus various small charges to this fine company. Tsk tsk on them and their disgusting business practices..they are deceivers and liars and to work for this 'company' id be ashamed! They need to be reported to the bbb to start then forced to shut down! Theives

Pm2640gr says: (6 years ago)
J'ai acheté c'est trois produit au montant de 3.98 +0.99 +1.96 plus taxe
et je recois un compte me chargeant 2 autres produit de plus revlanteskin 89.95 et get endure 149.95 que je n'ai pas commandé et que je ne veux pas.
I bought it is three produced in the amount of 3.98 0.99 1.96 more tax and I recois an account loading(charging) me 2 others produces furthermore revlanteskin 89.95 and get endure 149.95 that I did not command(order) and that I do not want.

Images intégrées 1

Comme vous voyez mon compte ce n'est pas une joke. Je suis une Québecoise francaise pas une niaiseuse. C'est ca votre tricherie. Vous chargez des produits que je n'ai pas commandés et que je n'ai pas recu. 238.90$ de plus et + les taxes.
As you see my account it is not a joke. I am a French Quebecker no stupid one. It is ca your deceit. You load products which I did not command and that I did not receive. $238.90 more and + taxes.

J'ai commencé à utilisé les trois produits donc je ne peux vous les retourner mais les deux autres produits que je n'ai pas que dois je faire?
I began in used three products thus I cannot return them to you but two other products that I have no that have to I make?(Then what to make?)

JE VOUS DEMANDE DE ME DESABONNER et de m'envoyer une confirmation de ma demande.
I ASK YOU TO CANCEL A SUBSCRIPTION TO ME and to send a confirmation of my demand.

Excuse my English I am french.

Pierrette Martel
2640 av. de La Bruère
Saint-Hyacinthe, Qc J2S 7E3
Tél (450) 252-8515 (I speak in french)

E.MAIL: farouche2640@g.mail.com

nitwit says: (6 years ago)
disgusting company, outrageous, people must keep fighting this, don't let them get away with it.

burrorojo says: (6 years ago)
I ordered the free trial kit from Endure Beauty system and paid the shipping fee as agreed. Not impressed with the results. Then a couple of weeks later I get a entry on my VISA statement for $104.45. I called the company and after a very long and taxing phone call I got them to cancel the order and give a 'returned merchandise address' and notice of cancellation. Then I waited, expecting a full kit to arrive so I could send it back. If I'd read the fine print I'd have realized that if you didn't cancel within 7 days then like magic the 7 day kit became a full fit - in price only!!! I called the company to ask what's up (still hadn't read the fine print) they wouldn't answer my call because I had cancelled the order. Sent them an email - no response. Two days ago I got yet another bill for $104.45 This is three weeks AFTER I received the cancellation notice from Endure. Today I spent some time on the phone with a rep from VISA to dispute the charges. He seemed pretty familiar with this company and it's way of doing business. Because I didn't return the trial package within the time guidelines I'm out of pocket $88.78 USD. Visa is disputing the most recent charges and I'm pretty sure I'm not on the hook for that. I saved all the email traffic with Endure.
Got to read that fine print! It's the first time I've been burned in 20 years of online buying and the worst part is that's it's my fault.

Mariemartha says: (6 years ago)
Moi aussi, je étais choquée de voir une charge sur mon compte pour 176,41 pour un kit que je ne ai pas commandé. Je ne ai pas reçu et je n'en veux pas car je suis allergique à vos produits. Donc veillez me rembourser SVP.
Endure :8882605108 GB

006dman says: (6 years ago)
I am currently on the phone with the company, waiting for a second supervisor who is supposedly going to tell me what the current service person is saying... i.e. that I have no recourse to the charges on my credit card because I did not respond within the 14 days.
How can a company be allowed to do business in this underhanded way! They are like robots in their repetition of "you signed off in two different places, and there is nothing we can do".

I don't usually get taken in by this kind of thing, and I am embarrassed that I did not check the reputation of the company before I placed an order. An expensive lesson.

hammy says: (6 years ago)
I also agreed to your free trial, $2.95 turned into $3.36, when I called in to cancel the whole order I was informed Ii was being charged $57 which turned out to be $68. I spoke with 2 people who said there is nothing they can do to reverse charges. I read back the terms on their website.

Your 14 Day Trial Period will start when the order is placed. You will be responsible to pay Shipping and Handling charges for your shipment of Endure Beauty System of $5.98. If you wish to cancel your order within your Trial Period, simply call 1-888-924-8947 within 14 days of the order date and you will not be charged anything other than the shipping and handling fee.

There are complaints about your company all over the internet, nice way to make money by robbing people. just like sunshine55 I will not stop until it is resolved

md22 says: (6 years ago)
I want to try your product, but I didn't expect to get charged on my credit card for a kit, that I didn't even order at an outrageous price. I was thinking that you will send me a sample to try your products and it's not that. So I didn't open the bottles of cream. Everything is still wrap. I want to send you back the package that I received. I want a reimbursement for what I have not open. I want to get this fixed and will not stop until it is resolved. Order Received: 08/03/2014 07:45pm, Order Number: 17398.

huxley6 says: (6 years ago)
I too was shocked to see a charge on my account for 167.72 for a kit which I did not order. I have not received it and do not want it. Please take care of this huge error immediately. I will expect to hear from you asap. nisib@rogers.com

sunshine55 says: (6 years ago)
I had agreed to try out your Endure product, I didn't expect to get charged on my credit card for a kit, that I didn't even order at an outrageous price. I want to get this fixed and will not stop until it is resolved. Order Received: 05/07/2014 12:42am
Order Number: 17398.

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